HiiL Highlights December 2014

HiiL Highlights December 2014

We like to communicate in results. Therefore, consider this last HiiL Highlights our Season’s Greetings to you - the many friends who have worked with us, been with us, followed us, and inspired us. We thank you all deeply and wish you the best for 2015.

The end of the year presents a good time to look back and reflect on the achievements of the year. We accomplished a lot in 2014, as you will see from this HiiL Highlights. 2014 was the year we put our justice measuring tool on the world map. Four big surveys were done, leading to incredibly rich data on what justice needs citizens have and how they go about meeting them. The data from Yemen, Mali, Indonesia, and The Netherlands is starting to change policies for the better.

We also made huge strides in setting up Rechtwijzer 2.0, the online conflict resolution platform that has already been referred to as hugely innovative in press reports. The soft launch of the system took place in The Netherlands for one of the most complex procedures - divorce. Steps are under way to also set up Rechtwijzer 2.0 in other countries (our team just came back from Canada) and to include more legal procedures. It has been an incredible journey thus far with our tremendous partners, the Dutch Legal Aid Board and Modria and we thank them for placing their trust in us.

We also made considerable contributions in our role as innovation coach and stimulator of justice innovation. The Innovating Justice Accelerator ran two innovation challenges - one around the concept of ‘living wage’ (in partnership with the C&A Foundation) and one around justice innovation. The scouting process, public voting round, and jury assessment led to 9 impressive innovations, of which 3 won first prizes in the categories of ‘Living Wages Innovation’, ‘Innovative Ideas’ and ‘Successful Innovations’ at the 2014 Innovating Justice Forum, held in the Peace Palace. We also provided acceleration support to the winners of 2013 and have started the support process for the 2014 winners. Justice innovation is on the map; we can see that from the great support we received, including from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Also, we are very proud to have launched the Justice Leadership Group in November this year, together with the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This impressive group of experienced leaders will support justice leaders in the challenges they face.

Lastly, we recently received 3rd place for ‘Best Employer 2014-2015’ in the category ‘New Heroes’ from NRC. It is a great recognition for us as an employer. It is also a great reminder to continue the work that we do and to become better – both as an organisation and an employer.

It has been a full and productive year. We look forward to more in 2015.

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