HiiL Highlights August 2014

HiiL Highlights August 2014

These past few months have been particularly busy and productive for HiiL's Measurement and Evaluation (M&E) team. We studied how people experience justice in Yemen, Mali, Indonesia and the Netherlands. In total, more than 18 000 people were interviewed to better understand their encounters with justice. New methods and technologies were developed to make the process as effective as possible. The findings were then shared with the national justice leaders, ministers, judges, activists from NGOs, legal scholars and many others.

Currently, the M&E team is working to analyse this unique data containing people's reflections on their needs for justice. Our analysis will inform policy making and programming in the field of justice and the rule of law. Our meetings with the justice leaders of Mali, Indonesia and Yemen are encouraging: data about people's experiences with justice are being taken seriously.

Furthermore, each study is helping us build a unique repository of bottom-up justice data fro around the world. This knowledge helps us better to advise our clients on how to innovate justice starting from the problems of the people.

Martin Gramatikov
Head of Innovating Measuring

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