Highest Courts Network News: HiiL meets Venice Commission in respect to Highest Court

On 4 April 2011, Sam Muller, director of HiiL together with Michiel Scheltema, chairman of the HiiL Programmatic Steering Board, and Andrea Lolini, Theme Coordinator Highest Courts had an informal meeting with Rudolf Schnutz Dürr, Head of the Constitutional Justice Division of the of the Venice Commission in Strasbourg, France.

With the first phase of its Highest Courts Research Project nearing its end, HiiL is currently reflecting on how to continue in this field. HiiL presented its work in the field of highest courts and learned about the activities of the Venice Commission in respect to Courts.

'The exchange was very fruitful and gave us valuable insights into the work of the Venice Commission as a mechanism in facilitating dialogue between national courts. It is all quite impressive, if not always visible.', said Michiel Scheltema.

'We see more and more fora in which national courts meet. HiiL was able to follow at close hand the efforts of the Venice Commission to establish a regular forum for exchange between constitutional courts.', added Andrea Lolini. 'This has been very enriching for our work.'

HiiL was present at the first World Conference on Constitutional Justice in Cape Town in 2009 and at the second World Conference in Rio de Janeiro, January 2011. Both events have succeded in bringing together more than 100 constitutional courts.

In July 2011, HiiL will publish the outcome of the first phase of the work of the Highest Courts Research Group in a special issue of the Utrecht Law Review.