Invitation to the 15th Global Online Dispute Resolution Conference

Invitation to the 15th Global Online Dispute Resolution Conference

The 15th Global Online Dispute Resolution Conference, May 23-24

It is my great pleasure to host the 15th Annual ODR conference at the Peace Palace in The Hague, together with the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We will be bringing together the global ODR community, judges and legal service providers to focus on the theme of this year’s conference, namely “ODR and the Courts”.

In our modern days, we see great momentum towards more profound innovation of court procedures. The development of ODR is seen to empower our citizens to resolve their disputes, a process our professionals are continuously working to facilitate. In the U.K. the Susskind report and the Briggs report have shown the way forward. The EU launched its own ODR platform, which will be supporting European consumers in domestic and cross-border disputes.

The questions regarding the future of ODR keep revolving around how its implementation can really help judges and judiciaries globally: Will ODR be able to provide people with access to justice as an online form of ADR? Will it compete with or complement courts by becoming fully integrated in court procedures?

We hope to welcome you in The Hague on 23 and 24 May to discuss these questions. You can register on, where you will find the latest updates, speakers, the conference programme, logistics and more.

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