Accelerating Aahung

Accelerating Aahung

Scaling up successful justice innovations is challenging. Last year HiiL assisted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands in running the Human Rights Tulip award, into which the Minister wanted to inject a stronger innovation component. As part of that process, we have also been coaching the Tulip winner, Aahung, in developing and scaling up, using the prize money that was won.

Aahung won the Award for its innovative and brave work in advancing sexual and reproductive health in Pakistan, despite the cultural and religious challenges that exist. It empowers communities to recognise and use human rights principles and values in this field.

Scale Up

Aahung is now developing an edutainment communications strategy using media as a tool for social change that would help to create an enabling environment which would be conducive to young people’s educational and social empowerment. Through a multiple channel approach, including modern and traditional media, Aahung will add value and effectiveness in increasing access to information on Reproductive Health Rights to the gate keepers of young people.

Since there is tremendous growth in terms of reach and impact of television drama broadcasting in Pakistan, especially amongst the working class, Aahung has now started to develop and promote television dramas with empowering messages to shape values, attitudes and perceptions. A first script was written to put this into practice. The goal is to influence decision makers at various levels on issues like gender equality, age of marriage, issues of masculinity and social/gender in justice in local languages to ensure that it is relevant to local development needs. Aahung hopes to inspire greater action through this communication process by promoting dialogue between communities and decision makers at the community and local levels, which will support implementation of policies and programs that are favorable to young people’s empowerment and ultimately help in improving their quality of life.

The temporary closure of an eminent TV channel network which Aahung had secured a collaboration agreement with, has delayed the production of the television dramas. Despite this temporary setback, Aahung and HiiL remain very optimistic that this television drama project will have the impact it aspires to achieve.