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  • Knowledge bank for criminal justice

    Knowledge bank for criminal justice 29 January 2013

    Few states and countries have a sense of the return on investment they are getting from their criminal justice system expenditures. Money is spent and assumptions are made about outcomes, financial and substantive, without much notion of the real costs or benefits incurred.

  • Mobile gender justice courts

    28 January 2013

    Funding has been found to implement mobile gender justice courts throughout a province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These provide justice to women who are victims of sex crimes or need other forms of judicial redress.

  • Resources for constitutional design

    Resources for constitutional design 24 January 2013

    A successful innovation is providing constitutional drafters with information about design options, drawing primarily on an original dataset of the features of national constitutions since 1789.

  • Using SMS to improve dispute resolution

    21 January 2013

    Realising how widespread the use of mobile phones has become, a service is using SMS tools to extend, connect and improve dispute resolution.

  • Human rights in the supply chain

    Human rights in the supply chain 10 January 2013

    An innovative idea proposes operationalising human rights due diligence for small and medium sized firms (SMEs)

  • A just implementation of plea bargaining

    08 January 2013

    Plea bargaining has become a globalised phenomenon due to growing numbers of prosecutions and constrained judicial budgets. Each year, new countries explore the implementation of plea bargaining as a remedy for their burdened criminal justice systems. Unfortunately, plea bargaining is currently being implemented without adequate reflection regarding lessons learned from the past.