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  • Fishing for justice in Yemen

    09 September 2013

    Yemen's Supreme Commission of Election and Referendum has declared that Yemenis will vote on a new constitution on 15 October.

  • Just a few more weeks...

    Just a few more weeks... 05 September 2013

    The clock is ticking! There are just a few weeks left to get your entries in for the 2013 Innovating Justice Awards. The value of prizes this year will be 100 000 euros.

  • Courts and big data

    03 September 2013

    In a world characterised by the proliferation of technology, society and its constituents, including the courts, find themselves increasingly needing to adapt to new technological innovations so as to not be left behind. In this blog, we will look at examples of big data implementation in the courts and legal sphere, as well as a range of other industries which have already untapped the potential of big data (an ubiquitous phenomenon referring to the huge quantity - 2.5 quintillion bytes - of new data created daily) in generating huge business advantages. However the primary questions concern the extent to which courts - an entity whose origins are based upon deeply entrenched traditions, customs and procedures - have the capacity to implement big data that implies advanced technological innovations in its day to day operations. What challenges would courts face in its implementation, and how we can untap its potential to inspire court innovation?

  • Human Rights Innovation Award

    Human Rights Innovation Award 29 August 2013

    HiiL and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs announce a new award - the Human Rights Innovation Award 2013. Gain global recognition and € 50 000 worth of Justice Innovation Lab services.

  • Online courts imminent

    28 August 2013

    In 2014, homeowners in Vancouver renovating their house will have access to a new way of sorting out problems about the quality of the job done. If there is an issue with the construction company hired, they can explain the problem online, in their own words, and follow a menu that will help them with a diagnosis. 

  • Is innovation of court procedures realistic?

    20 August 2013

    Most experts agree that specialised procedures work better than general civil or criminal procedures. In studying the future of courts, what have we learned about this?