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  • Preparing for the future and acting to shape it

    Preparing for the future and acting to shape it 14 April 2014

    As we highlighted in our book on Innovating Justice, our global network of innovators has taught us: to be a successful innovator you must know your market. You must see the needs out there and be able to make an offer you can't refuse to meet those needs. Getting the innovation off the ground takes hard work and sound management. And leadership is key.

  • Living Wage Innovation Challenge

    Living Wage Innovation Challenge 20 March 2014


    Alongside the Innovating Justice Awards, this year HiiL is pleased to present for the first time the Living Wage Innovation Challenge, in partnership with C&A Foundation. This Challenge is looking for committed and inspiring innovators who offer solutions to fostering fair living wages and enabling more fair and stable conditions in the labour markets of the Ready Made Garment sector. Individuals and organisations can win global recognition and support. We have set aside a 100.000 EUR investment budget dedicated to making the top submissions more impactful, more suitable to the garment industry and more financially sustainable.

  • The technology of access to justice: Rechtwijzer 2.0

    The technology of access to justice: Rechtwijzer 2.0 05 March 2014

    At HiiL, we partner with the Dutch Legal Aid Board and Modria (with support of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice) to develop an access to justice platform that builds on This application offers legal diagnosis and triage, basic information about rights and obligations and concrete tools and other support for solving legal problems.

  • User-friendly interfaces for courts

    User-friendly interfaces for courts 21 February 2014

    We live in a time where surgeons sitting in a room in New York perform the most sophisticated operations on patients lying on a bed in Paris. All thanks to technologies. It is sad to see how lawyers tend to get stuck in discussions about whether or not to allow technologies like videoconferencing, while the rest of the world has a conversation on Skype or Google Hangouts.

  • A game changer

    13 February 2014

    HiiL's Corry van Zeeland attended the launch of Roger Smith and Alan Paterson's research on digital legal services at the Nuffield Foundation in London.

  • Collaborating on Justice Innovation: The Hague and Canada

    Collaborating on Justice Innovation: The Hague and Canada 06 February 2014

    A recent and exciting justice innovation in Canada is the creation of the Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution. The Winkler Institute has an action-oriented three pillar mandate in the areas of teaching and learning, research and innovation and pilots and projects.