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  • That elusive thing called justice leadership

    That elusive thing called justice leadership 22 May 2014

    In February we brought together a group of seven justice leaders from different parts of the world for two days; men and women who are leading or who have led impressive justice change in their countries, against many odds (the final report of that meeting is being finalized as I write). Their shared experiences drove home a number of important insights about the specific challenges of leadership in the justice sector.

  • Geography of justice

    21 May 2014

    As we already reported in April (see this blog post), HiiL is conducting perhaps the largest justice research ever undertaken in Mali. Our clients, the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the European Union, are also doing something new: putting more emphasis on using knowledge about justice needs and fairness achieved of citizens as a foundation for rule of law programming.

  • Legal empowerment improves lives, according to a review of 199 studies

    Legal empowerment improves lives, according to a review of 199 studies 20 May 2014

    Do people benefit from having a community justice centre nearby? What type of legal aid works best for family and land disputes? What is the effect of public interest litigation on well-being in poor communities? In times of cuts in budgets for public justice sector services and development aid, both practitioners and policymakers are on the lookout for what works. Laura Goodwin and Vivek Maru of Namati made a huge contribution to the evidence base by doing a careful review of 199 evaluation studies.

  • Reflecting on 2013 and looking ahead to 2014

    Reflecting on 2013 and looking ahead to 2014 06 May 2014

    The completion of our annual report and financial audit 2013, presents a good time to look back and reflect on the achievements of last year.

  • Preparing for the future and acting to shape it

    Preparing for the future and acting to shape it 14 April 2014

    As we highlighted in our book on Innovating Justice, our global network of innovators has taught us: to be a successful innovator you must know your market. You must see the needs out there and be able to make an offer you can't refuse to meet those needs. Getting the innovation off the ground takes hard work and sound management. And leadership is key.

  • Living Wage Innovation Challenge

    Living Wage Innovation Challenge 20 March 2014


    Alongside the Innovating Justice Awards, this year HiiL is pleased to present for the first time the Living Wage Innovation Challenge, in partnership with C&A Foundation. This Challenge is looking for committed and inspiring innovators who offer solutions to fostering fair living wages and enabling more fair and stable conditions in the labour markets of the Ready Made Garment sector. Individuals and organisations can win global recognition and support. We have set aside a 100.000 EUR investment budget dedicated to making the top submissions more impactful, more suitable to the garment industry and more financially sustainable.