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  • Rechtwijzer Launches in the Netherlands

    Rechtwijzer Launches in the Netherlands 26 November 2015

    The Dutch Legal Aid Board launches an online dispute resolution platform Rechtwijzer “Uit Elkaar” with HiiL Innovating Justice and Modria.

    Press Release from the Dutch Legal Aid Board:

  • HiiL Innovating Justice at UAE Innovation Week

    25 November 2015

    We are proud to be a part of the UAE Innovation Week - one of the largest innovative initiatives in the world. From Sunday, 22 November to Saturday, 28 November 2015, over 100 activities in each emirate will take place across the UAE. Each Federal Ministry was invited to organize events and activities to showcase and present future planned innovative projects. Among the attendees is the UAE Minister of Justice and around 150 jurists, judges and lawyers.

  • Innovating Tribunals & Being Open

    24 November 2015

    By Sam Muller, HiiL CEO

    Two recent situations have led to calls for international accountability mechanisms. The responses to these calls differ widely. Why is this interesting? They show the potential of a more open justice innovation approach. And the costs of not doing so.

  • SME Empowerment in Action in Lagos

    SME Empowerment in Action in Lagos 16 November 2015

    By Sam Muller, HiiL CEO; Wilfried de Wever, Head of Justice Accelerator & Nathalie Dijkman, Justice Sector Advisor

    “I have been in business all my life. I started selling chickens by the roadside when I was ten. When I was at school I started a training initiative and later a media company. The media company did not succeed, but it taught me a lot and got me to where I am now. Then I went to law school and now I run mSMEGarage.”

  • Rechtwijzer at the 'Crystal Scales of Justice' Prize Ceremony

    04 November 2015

    By Tsvetelina Mihaylova, Former Product Manager 

    On Friday, 23 October, Executive Director of the Dutch Legal Aid Board, Peter van den Biggelaar, and HiiL Innovating Justice's Product Manager Tsvetelina Mihaylova visited Banja Luka, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to attend the 2015 'Crystal Scales of Justice' Prize ceremony organised by the Council of Europe’s CEPEJ. Rechtwijzer was nominated for the Prize alongside other innovative initiatives from Scotland, Latvia and Serbia. These initiatives have developed information and communication technologies (ICT) that significantly improve the administration of justice and the functioning of courts.

  • Dispute System Innovation at Stormont

    29 September 2015

    By Maurits Barendrecht, Research Director 

    I woke up several times during my night at the Europa hotel in Belfast. Perhaps their marketing as "the most bombed hotel in the world" hit me subconsciously. Most likely it was the avalanche of experiences around the innovation workshop hosted by the Committee for Justice of the Northern Ireland Parliamentary Assembly.