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  • Jordan Justice Report October 2017

    Jordan Justice Report October 2017 23 October 2017

    By Rachel Meagher, Communications Intern

    Over 6000 Jordanians have been surveyed for crucial data on their experience of the Jordan justice system. HiiL’s latest report includes key findings on the state of justice in Jordan, as well as 600 Syrian refugees’ experiences and expectations of justice too.

  • What are HiiL Boostcamps? Explaining the IJ Challenge Process

    What are HiiL Boostcamps? Explaining the IJ Challenge Process 16 October 2017

    By Rachel Meagher, Communications Intern

    In the past month at HiiL, there has been a lot of activity surrounding our Boostcamps. These are events where chosen applications of the Innovating Justice Challenge pitch in front of local expert juries, and innovators are chosen to attend the Innovating Justice Forum in December, here in The Hague. These Boostcamps are an exciting, important step in the challenge, and are a crucial element of HiiL’s work.

  • Dutch Divorce Challenge Update

    Dutch Divorce Challenge Update 11 October 2017

    By Tim Verheij, Research Assistant Innovating Procedures

    In the past year, HiiL has been involved with the Dutch “Divorce Challenge”. This is a challenge run by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice that aims to collect ideas that lead to an improvement in divorce proceedings, and for the situations of children involved. Stemming from a motion from the Labour Party, on 6 September 2016, the Dutch former Minister of Security and Justice launched the Divorce Challenge.

  • Lebanon Data Triangulation Workshop

    Lebanon Data Triangulation Workshop 28 September 2017

    By Martijn Kind, Justice Data Analyst

    Acquiring data on justice needs is pivotal to the work HiiL conducts. It is how we measure justice needs worldwide, and how we know where justice innovation is needed. Our JNS (Justice Needs and Satisfaction) survey method of Measuring Justice compiles data in various regions worldwide, and the most recent triangulation workshop in Lebanon is an important step for HiiL’s work in the region.

  • Seatbelts On

    Seatbelts On 20 September 2017

    By Sam Muller, HiiL CEO

    My last column was about Kenya. So is this one. For me, Kenya is currently one of the most interesting countries to follow if you are interested in rule of law development and justice innovation.

  • Bangladesh: How Measuring Justice Can Help

    Bangladesh: How Measuring Justice Can Help 31 August 2017

    By Dr. Martin Gramatikov, Head of Measuring Justice

    Bangladesh is a small, developing country in South Asia located between India and the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. More than 150 million people co-exist in a picturesque piece of land where the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Megha Rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal