Protecting the rights of world musicians

29 October 2012

A fair trade music movement has been created to bridge the knowledge and access gaps between artists in developing nations and world markets, protecting their rights through technology and education.

The innovation, PeaceTones, empowers musicians to act as ambassadors for change, building on existing intellectual infrastructure in a manner that promotes peaceful dialogue in communities torn apart by war, protracted conflict, poverty, and natural disasters.

They educate artists on their rights and on tools to grow their careers, provide them with a platform to share their music globally and ensure that 90% of profits from album sales go directly back to the artist and a community development project of their choosing. In so doing, they create a grassroots, arts-led movement for peace, social change, and economic development, all of which are supported by a fundamental shift in artists’ perspectives on the formal economy and their role in it.

Six successful innovations and six innovative ideas were nominated for the 2012 Innovating Justice Awards held on 2 November 2012. We feature them in a series of insights on the HiiL website.

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