Virtual lawyer using artificial intelligence

Virtual lawyer using artificial intelligence 01 November 2012

Using artificial intelligence and communication through speech with machines to help customers select the right models and services.

It becomes easier for customers and clients to get exactly what they want. In the web portal, you can find not only the samples of some legal documents, but also order professional legal services if needed. A user will also be able to look through the tweets of Russian politicians to read legal and political news.

You don’t need to lose your time looking for the document or service needed. A few simple words and clicks while chatting with the funny and polite avatar and you will get what you want. All the samples of documents are free on the site - the user can choose as many as they need.

The avatar is continually being reprogrammed for a better understanding of words, phrases and requests of the clients. A sample of the avatar is situated here.

Six successful innovations and six innovative ideas were nominated for the 2012 Innovating Justice Awards held on 2 November 2012. We feature them in a series of insights on the HiiL website.

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