HiiL presents trends in adjudication at high level EU meeting

HiiL presents trends in adjudication at high level EU meeting 21 November 2013

The Assises de la Justice meeting, convened by EU commissioner for Justice Viviane Reding, has brought together 700 leading judges from European courts and other justice sector leaders.They were invited to reflect on the future of EU policy on the rule of law and an independent, effective judiciary.

HiiL director of research Maurits Barendrecht gave a preview of HiiL's upcoming trend report on the future of courts. Under the title: Trialogue, Releasing the Value of Courts, he showed how innovation is improving court procedures, but the challenge is how to scale up these improvements.

The report analyses the trends in effective innovation efforts, such as specialisation and computerisation.

Barendrecht also showed how courts can become more effective by becoming more independent. The trend report suggests a policy towards more strategic independence, more financial independence and more independence to develop and maintain effective procedures. Effective courts need a vision, a sophisticated funding system and procedures that are developed using modern innovation methods, rather than design by legal rule making.

Read more at ec.europa.eu/justice/events/assises-justice-2013/index_en.htm

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