Teaching the rule of law

Teaching the rule of law 05 July 2012

Teaching children about the Rule of Law enables them to grow, becoming active and engaged citizens of the world

The Center for Teaching the Rule of Law and its innovative Rule of Law Project is a global project. Its purpose is to change fundamentally the way the Rule of Law is taught and understood. Providing educators around the world with the resources needed to teach RoL as the foundation of freedom, individual and collective liberty and peace will strengthen communities, build nations and make the world a better, safer place.

The project has developed an understandable definition of the Rule of Law for use by teachers with students:

(a) governments are subject to the law, not above it;
(b) citizens are actively engaged in making laws that govern them (participating directly or by consent);
(c) these laws are to be fairly and equally applied to everyone
(d) all citizens agree they will obey the law.

These elements are the basis for all civil societies, past, present and future. Teaching our children these lessons will give them a personal relationship with the Rule of Law that will enable them to grow up and become active and engaged citizens of the world.

Find out more about this  innovation or visit the project's website.