Street arbitrators

Street arbitrators 31 October 2013

2013 Innovating Justice Award - Successful Innovation wildcard winner

Disputes often arise from work disputes, neighbourhood, marriage and typical daily transactions in the community and the family. Despite the apparent simplicity of the origin and cause of the conflict,we sometimes find a real risk of escalation that could lead to committing a criminal offense, could spark a tribal- or sectarian conflict that threatens public security. A large part of social violence in Egypt arose out of this type of dispute.

To make judicial alternatives work within the social fabric of the Egyptian community, volunteer committees of mediators and arbitrators are working in an organised and sustainable way. These committees are well-trained and have the experience and appropriate social status... Through the local civil institutions that existed in villages and neighbourhoods they become a popular destination for parties to resolve their disputes in the framework of law and sovereignty of the State, in a peaceful and civilised option, a real alternative to violence.

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