Speaking up in villages and at the Supreme Court

Speaking up in villages and at the Supreme Court 11 October 2013

 Terai Human Rights Defender Alliance is taking action against extra judicial killings and other violations

The Terai Human Rights Defender Alliance (THRD Alliance) was formed in 2007 as an innovative response to the discrimination and abuse of authority that have plagued the Terai region (Nepal’s southern plains). The Alliance is a response to the longstanding pattern of ethnic discrimination against the people of the Terai particularly the Madhesis and Tharus, but more specifically it was a popular reaction to the ethnical violence in and around the district of Kapilvastu in September 2007.
The THRD Alliance is a non-governmental human rights litigation initiative. Discrimination against the Madhesis is manifest most commonly in the day to day disadvantages suffered by the people of this region and if this issue is not handled properly, it can quickly spark violence.

The Alliance consists of a network of human rights defenders across the Terai with core human right defender teams in three main population centers: Kapilvastu, Janakpur, and Siraha. The mere formation of this network was a courageous step taken by the local human rights defenders because no rights activist ever tried to form such an organization in the Nepalese plains before.

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