Bottom-up legislation for social and economic justice

28 February 2013

Best practices and effective support to convert community need into concrete proposals, ensuring implenetation.

Too often, public policy is made for people, not by them. The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) provides legal support to community-driven state and local policy campaigns that advance a pro-immigrant, pro-worker, racial justice agenda in the United States, and by strengthening grassroots groups’ ability to organise and grow.

CPD will help achieve critical policy victories on the state and local level by providing legal and campaign support to partner organisations to win a coordinated series of legislative campaigns on core issues.

Cutting-edge policy proposals are only meaningful to the extent that local communities have the capacity to sustain victories and build momentum for the next campaign. Indeed, winning increasingly ambitious victories and “scaling up” work to achieve a national impact demand sophisticated organising, management, fundraising, technology, work-planning and evaluation, and communications strategies and infrastructure.

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