Smartphone app for courtroom justice

Smartphone app for courtroom justice 29 October 2012

Court monitoring helps engage the public to improve justice systems, holds justice systems to account, and promotes an open and transparent court process. A smartphone app is making it easier for others to check a trial against fair trial criteria and for reports to be promptly made available on the internet for public scrutiny and analysis.

The Fair Trials Smartphone App. will appeal to lawyers, NGOs and the consulates of developed countries overseas who wish to monitor trials in developing countries and promptly upload reports onto a website for public viewing and analysis and, thereby, pressure judges, police and prosecutors to comply with fair trial criteria. v

Fair Trial Checklist Smartphone App. is based on the OpenTrial Fair Trials Checklist . With a 2G connection, text and pictures can be uploaded. With a 3G/4G connection, videos and sound files can also be uploaded.

This is a major addition to the armory of those working for fair trials, particularly since, for some, it would be seen as a way of avoiding the payment of bribes to corrupt judges, police and prosecutors.

Six successful innovations and six innovative ideas were nominated for the 2012 Innovating Justice Awards held on 2 November 2012. We feature them in a series of insights on the HiiL website.

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