HiiL - seven years of innovation

HiiL - seven years of innovation 13 September 2012

Seven years ago - on 13 September 2005 - in the Gotische Zaal of the Council of State building in The Hague, HiiL was officially launched.

Two Dutch ministers, the mayor of The Hague, and the president of the Netherlands National Research Council were in attendence. All had big visions and promises in their speeches; some materialised, some were kept.

We announced ambitious plans, many of which worked out as we anticipated, others which did not. I cannot believe it was seven years ago!

During the course of 2005, HiiL identified and funded ten very promising projects on cutting edge problems connected with the internationalisation of law. Results are in, and have been evaluated as "very good".

Three years ago we started Innovating Justice with the Tilburg Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Civil Law and Conflict Resolution Systems (TISCO) of the Tilburg University Law School. TISCO introduced us to leading pioneers in conflict resolution systems and in connecting to practice.

Now we have a joint venture with Innovating Justice at its core. We have had incredible people working with us: researchers, practitioners, board members, and staff. I looked up my opening speech in which I quoted Dag Hammerskjold:

"You will know life and be acknowledged by it according to your degree of transparency, your capacity, that is, to vanish as an end, and remain purely as a means", and I expressed the wish that Institute will always remain a means, and not an end unto itself".

I would say: in that we have succeeded: HiiL and TISCO as a means for world class, badly needed justice innovation, that's HiiL.

Sam Muller

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