Racial justice task force models

Racial justice task force models 17 October 2013

Addressing the racially disparate impact of criminal justice in the USA

In 2010 the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section launched the Racial Justice Improvement Project (RJIP), with support from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). RJIP was originally a two-year federally funded initiative designed to identify and reform policies and practices that produce racial disparities in local criminal justice systems across the country.

The original taskforce groups included Delaware (statewide); St. Louis County, Minnesota; KingsCounty, New York; and New Orleans, Louisiana, each of whom received financial support and technical assistance to implement a local racial justice improvement task force focused on addressing problems contributing to the racially disparate impact of their local criminal justice system. After a two year run, BJA was nearing the end of its funding-commitment to the four original sites. In June 2013, RJIP received additional funding from the Public Welfare Foundation (PWF) to sustain the reform efforts in three of our current jurisdictions. Furthermore, the Criminal Justice Section is proud to report that RJIP was recently refunded by BJA to conduct reform in four additional new sites.

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