Networked access to justice in Gaza

Networked access to justice in Gaza 15 October 2013

Finding out what works in difficult circumstances

Palestinian Legal System suffers from serious weaknesses due to the occupation duplication and inconsistency of laws, weak resources and infrastructure, absence of true independence and socio-economic hardship which resulted in Lack of confidence and limited access to justice.

Against this background, the idea of establishing “Awn Access to justice Network” has come true by the initiative of 22 local organizations: The Palestinian Bar Association- PBA , Three schools of law and a number of local civil society and community-based organizations. The coalition aims at enhancing the rule of law and achieving smooth access to justice to the poor and vulnerable, especially women. The coalition considers that legal empowerment is the prelude of economic empowerment and the eradication of poverty, which through sustainable development will be enhanced.

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