Mobile gender justice courts

28 January 2013

Funding has been found to implement mobile gender justice courts throughout a province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These provide justice to women who are victims of sex crimes or need other forms of judicial redress.

In the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), members of armed groups, government security forces, and increasing numbers of civilians have been responsible for the graves atrocities committed worldwide including alarmingly high rates of sexual violence, the vast majority of which have been targeted against women and children.

A June 2011 edition of the American Journal of Public Health published a study, which estimated that approximately 1.8 million women in DRC had been raped in their lifetime, including 400,000 women in the last twelve months preceding the study.

In response to eastern DRC’s ongoing rape crisis, the DRC government passed a national law in 2006 on sexual violence that clearly defines rape and other forms of sexual and gender based violence, and provides expedited judicial proceedings and greater protection for survivors. Based on this law, OSISA has funded the American Bar Association (ABA ROLI) to implement mobile gender justice courts throughout the challenging province of South Kivu.

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