Medical liability: a sick system that could do better

10 October 2012

People who suffer because something went wrong in a hospital, can get victimised again by the procedures of obtaining compensation. Lawyers and medical experts bombard each other for years in fruitless discussions about who was at fault. Innovation of this outdated system is both necessary and possible.

 As with many other countries, the Netherlands has a good healthcare system where doctors achieve amazing results using the most up-to-date treatments. Yet sometimes things go seriously amiss, and that affects around 2500 people every year. Even though their life will have changed dramatically, they must find their way through a far-from-caring liability system. The Tros Radar TV programme devoted a series of broadcasts to the problems. Victims told of bad behaviour by insurance claim handlers, medical records that went missing and endless court procedures. Every single euro of compensation is fought for and there is no neutral body that victims can really count on.

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