The architecture of justice

The architecture of justice 15 September 2013

The judiciary feels the need to modernise: innovative procedures, use of information technology and shifting roles of judges. A next step involves looking at designing the courthouses themselves.

Built to represent authority and power, we need to rethink those buildings that instill fear and uneasiness not only in those that come there to be punished, but also in the people that come to receive justice - including children.

In the preparation for the 2013 Innovating Justice Forum, three interdisciplinary groups of designers will visualise possible courts of the future. The unlikely coalition of experts from the justice field and architects, interior architects and spatial designers will set out by visiting courts and get a feel for the issue.

During a research and design week in November, initial ideas will be realised. At the IJ Forum in December, the groups will finalise and present their designs.

Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie has provided funding to help HiiL and GRAS, a platform for architecture and urban design based in Groningen in the Netherlands, to cooperate on this initiative.

Read more on the GRAS website. (Scroll down the page for the English text)