Law Delta

Law Delta 20 July 2012

Law Delta is a comprehensive attempt to marry the legal system and new media. The vision is to make access to laws, bills, related data, interpretations, professional consultations, and peer-to-peer discussions so easy that it will significantly raise the quality of common knowledge of law.

The core of the approach is the use of a wiki to provide a unified flat format of texts of laws with a flexible cross-reference system, capable of serving all laws of the world. Each law is an independent document and each can be discussed, linked to and from, updated, and categorised in a variety of ways.

From the user's perspective, a curious person can easily understand the architecture of law, find the text and related data, and compare it across jurisdictions. That person can join lawyers and politicians in discussions of the law, ask questions, gain a better understanding of law's purposes, and be a more responsible citizen.

The plan is to unite law professionals and law enthusiasts into one global public institution, to publish and update laws, and enable commentary, discussion and knowledge sharing.

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