Scaling up the business of community lawyers

Scaling up the business of community lawyers 03 November 2013

2013 Innovating Justice Award - Innovative Idea wildcard winner

Justice Bridge is an emerging non-profit incubator designed to prepare recent law school graduates to develop solo and small firm law practices representing persons of modest means who too often represent themselves in court because they earn too much to qualify for free legal services but too little to afford lawyers at prevailing hourly rates.

It will train recent graduates of area law schools with the skills they need to provide quality, affordable legal services to these modest-means clients. The Justice Bridge incubator will provide its lawyer-residents ( referred to hereafter as “ community lawyers”) with training, mentors and access to a high-tech virtual resource platform which will enable Justice Bridge community lawyers to create low- overhead practices focused on the delivery of high-quality legal services to modest-means clients.

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