Releasing the value of courts - Innovating Justice Forum 2013

Releasing the value of courts - Innovating Justice Forum 2013 22 December 2013

HiiL's third annual Innovating Justice Forum took place during December 2013.

All over the world we see courts struggling with capacity, funding and criticism that they should be more effective. At the same time we also see many justice innovators come up with fascinating new things that make courts work better: new procedures, web-based platforms, forms of self-help and empowerment, and funding models. Our challenge: how can we strengthen this?

The 2013 Innovating Justice Forum took place on 10 and 11 December. It wasn't a conference with long presentations but a highly interactive, boundary-breaching, learning-by-doing event, in which we innovated and joined forces to tackle urgent challenges.

The ground-breaking two-day meeting saw some 150 people from different backgrounds - judges, court administrators, legislators, parliamentarians, civil society representatives, academics, social entrepreneurs and funders - gathered together to discuss justice innovation with a special focus on courts.

At the meeting, HiiL presented its new Trend Report. "Trialogue - releasing the value of courts" shows how courts are important as ever, but also under pressure as never before. It points the way forward - how procedures will adapt and evolve; how innovation drives improvement.

On the afternoon of 11 December, HiiL also presented its 2013 Innovating Justice Award, which this year featured another category: the Human Rights Tulip.

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