Enhancing trust: Strategies for improving multilevel rulemaking

Enhancing trust: Strategies for improving multilevel rulemaking 06 November 2012

The fifth HiiL Innovating Justice Forum held in The Hague on 1 and 2 November prioritised six challenges resulting from multilevel rulemaking , with terms of reference on which improvement strategies can be built.

The core issue behind these challenges is the issue of trust – how can citizens trust rulemaking by transnational public and private networks? – and the development of a global rulemaking profession.

The objective of the Forum was to evaluate the trend report Rulejungling: When lawmaking goes private, international, and informal, to formulate additional challenges, if any, and to develop terms of reference for improvement strategies in order to address these challenges. While the challenges resulting from rulejungling identified in the trend report were underscored by the participants, some were made more specific and some others were added.

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