Creating dialogue between the legal community and the ICC

Creating dialogue between the legal community and the ICC 23 October 2012

The UCLA Law Forum creates opportunities for the wider legal community to engage in a dialogue covering the topics of special interest to the International Criminal Court Prosecutor.

The internet offers a perfect platform for the direct involvement of legal scholars and thinkers from across the globe. The forum is the only place where an online citizen has access to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court by simply posting his or her opinion.

The Forum project was conceived in 2009 and came into existence after negotiations in 2010. The structure of the Forum relies on a carefully balanced triad of ideas: the Prosecutor’s question (together with extensive background materials), the detailed analysis of the question by the Invited Experts, and the discussion - open to the online public.

The Prosecutor’s framing of the question provides the context of the problem. The Invited Expert Opinions give in-depth points of view on the Prosecutor’s question. The online debate opens the Prosecutor's question to extensive vetting by Invited Experts, legal scholars, politicians and a wider audience of interested individuals. Such a structured approach creates a fertile ground for a high level analysis of the problem.

Six successful innovations and six innovative ideas were nominated for the 2012 Innovating Justice Awards held on 2 November 2012. We feature them in a series of insights on the HiiL website.

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