How do you effect Rule Of Law?

How do you effect Rule Of Law? 24 August 2012

Calling for ‘rule of law’ is one thing. Actually getting it done is quite another. Politicians could use better guidance on what rule of law is and what challenges and dilemmas the notion can present in practice.

The responses to the threats of global terrorism after the 9/11 bombings are but one example of how challenging it can be to ‘do’ rule of law. In June 2008, a discussion among members of the InterAction Council of Former Heads of State and Government held in Sweden led to the idea to put together a rule of law guide for politicians to help them navigate the sometimes stormy waters of the rule of law. A few members of the Rule of Law Leaders forum of HiiL’s Innovating Justice Community picked up this idea. Under the leadership of Hans Corell (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and former Legal Counsel of the United Nations) a rule of law Guide for politicians was put together to provide an orientation for politicians regarding the basic elements of the rule of law. Read more.

The Guide is freely downloadable from the internet and can be found here