Helping citizens argue for legal change

Helping citizens argue for legal change 15 October 2013

Helping to find the legal clause to aim at; crowdsourcing flaws in the law so legislators will act.

PlainSite is a web site that allows the general public to access a free, comprehensive, inter-linked database spanning the vast American legal system. It includes data relevant to all three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. Every day approximately 3,000 individuals use PlainSite to access court case dockets and documents, look up corporate profiles, investigate intellectual property assignments, research and annotate federal and state laws, learn about political donations, and view profiles for judges, lawyers and law firms, among other features. In addition, PlainSite offers a set of premium features for legal professionals and pro se litigants (who receive a steep discount) that offer an additional level of insight and analysis.

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