Using SMS to improve dispute resolution

21 January 2013

Realising how widespread the use of mobile phones has become, a service is using SMS tools to extend, connect and improve dispute resolution.

The service - FrontlineSMS:Legal - extends, connects, and improves dispute resolution services in under-served areas using mobile technologies with its platform built upon FrontlineSMS, a free, open-source mass text-messaging hub.

FrontlineSMS is browser-based software that runs offline and enables users to manage complex communication via SMS - the most popular data channel in the modern world - requiring only a computer and a GSM modem or Internet connection.

FrontlineSMS:Legal builds on the basic functionality of FrontlineSMS to extend, improve, and coordinate dispute resolution systems, increasing access to justice in the areas that need it most.

The software makes it easier to manage remote staff, referral and intake processes, client relationships, and cases, or SMS-based communication. 

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