Stories for short attention spans

Stories for short attention spans 16 October 2013

Visualising impact: Leveraging the power of information for social justice

Visualising Impact (VI) is an interdisciplinary collective that works at the intersection of design, technology, research, data, social sciences, and urban studies to produce creative visuals for social justice. VI is promoting a new culture of information design and dissemination. Using design and storytelling, VI transforms daunting volumes of research and data into memorable, actionable material, leveraging social media to mobilize mass opinion toward rights-based and justice-oriented narratives. The ultimate goal of the innovation is to empower change makers with knowledge tools and to influence the global state of affairs toward the realization of more just and peaceful societies. VI communicates on a broad spectrum of human rights issues, including but not limited to water and resource rights, children’s rights, education, the aid economy, administrative detention, discriminatory laws, and media discrepancy. As a fully bilingual initiative (English and Arabic) with infographics translated into over ten languages, VI is truly international in scope, reaching an audience 2 million strong in its first 18 months of operation.

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