Facilitadores Judiciales: assisting judges and serving local communities

Facilitadores Judiciales: assisting judges and serving local communities 23 June 2011

Judicial Facilitators help lower court judges to bring the rule of law to communities. In a unique way, the program links formal to informal justice, mediation to adjudication, winning it the Innovating Justice Award 2011.

The Programa Interamericano de Facilitadores Judiciales is a mechanism of conflict resolution with citizen participation. It bring justice to people who would otherwise be excluded from the system due to practical barriers. The Judiicial Facilitators operate in Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay. I By 2011, the facilitators have reached more than 3 million underprivileged people. The facilitators provide several services: 

  • They mediate cases for which this is allowed by law.
  • They advise the population on legal subjects.
  • Offer to teach the population in different subjects
  • Accompany citizens when they have to conduct their affairs before different institutions.
  • Send cases to judges that are outsicde their competence and help to solve cases that are sent to them by judges.

The Judicial Facilitators could be implemented in many more countries all over the world, reaching out to millions of people.

The Service of Judicial Facilitators, is a service provided by the Judicial Powers, with technical assistance from Organization of American States (OAS) through the Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators.

Other finalists were E-Court and Humanitarian Action.

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