Ending impunity for international crimes

Ending impunity for international crimes 01 March 2012

With the modern trend of punishing high level officials of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, national jurisdictions must be put in a better position to investigate and prosecute these crimes within their national court system.

When the International Criminal Court (ICC) was established, it provided that the ICC may only prosecute when national jurisdictions are unable or unwilling to do so.  Thus, national jurisdictions will need to be properly prepared to investigate and prosecute these crimes.    

The Legal-Tools Project will provide these states, and all others with internet service, with free access to the tools necessary to conduct investigations and prosecutions of international crimes. This will help to not only empower the local state jurisdictions, but also to relieve the ICC of a portion of the burden of prosecuting international crimes. With this in mind, HiiL has recently signed an updated cooperation agreement with the ICC to continue it's efforts on the Legal-Tools. HiiL looks forward to it's continued cooperation with the ICC, as well as the future success of the Legal Tools.


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