High speed innovation of employment courts and tribunals

05 April 2013

Too many labour cases end up as a lawyer's dream and an employer's nightmare. Employees feel abused and confused by elements of procedures. Labour economists want a system that improves productivity, flexibility, incentives to learn, investments in training and better access to jobs for women and the young. We all want to avoid strikes, having to leave our homes after a dismissal, golden parachutes, seeing a colleague fossilise behind their desk, equality and a great deal of respect.

Now imagine that we could speed up innovation 100 times, collecting the best available practices and link them together in a platform for dealing with employment termination? Courts have to think about this. If they don't, private ADR suppliers and government agencies will happily fill the gap.

An 8 April session in HiiL's Justice Innovation Lab, looks at high speed innovation of employment courts and tribunals.