Lebanon Data Triangulation Workshop

Lebanon Data Triangulation Workshop 28 September 2017

By Martijn Kind, Justice Data Analyst

Acquiring data on justice needs is pivotal to the work HiiL conducts. It is how we measure justice needs worldwide, and how we know where justice innovation is needed. Our JNS (Justice Needs and Satisfaction) survey method of Measuring Justice compiles data in various regions worldwide, and the most recent triangulation workshop in Lebanon is an important step for HiiL’s work in the region.

The workshop was structured as an open, dynamic discussion between HiiL and various participants, underlining the co-creation and local participation that is fundamental to HiiL’s work. Led by HiiL representatives, Dr. Martin Gramatikov (head of Measuring Justice), Roger El Khoury (Senior Justice Advisor) and Martijn Kind (Quantitative Justice Data Analyst), the participants of the workshop were a distinguished group of Lebanese judges, lawyers, civil society actors and journalists. Hiil is grateful for the lively and insightful discussions that were had and the invaluable feedback this generated. All of this will contribute to future discussions on Lebanese justice innovation.

The survey revealed that legal problems around neighbours, employment, and family are the most pressing, prevalent legal needs in Lebanon. The discussion focused on the different legal needs of particular groups, where people go for legal information and advice, which dispute resolution mechanisms people use to resolve their problems, the barriers people face in trying to achieve a fair outcome, etc. The sample also included a group of Syrian refugees (20% of the total sample), for whom the main legal need revolves around employment.

Moving from data to action is essential for making justice work worldwide. In the next phase, we aim to build a coalition of stakeholders around the most pressing justice needs in Lebanon. This collaboration will then develop innovative solutions. In line with this, HiiL will work with the private sector to empower justice entrepreneurship in developing new solutions.

The journey to improve both access to justice and the lives of the Lebanese people is only just starting - stay tuned for the report later this year!