Cross-border e-commerce claims

19 February 2013

ODR Exchange is a system for resolving cross-border e-commerce claims.

The lack of efficient redress for such claims is an important public policy issue because many consumers across the world do not have access to any recourse when buying from another country. It has become a substantial business issue as well - the level of cross-border e-commerce has been almost flat or even decreasing.

ODR Exchange will develop, maintain and operate a digital infrastructure to enable an efficient, accessible and trusted global online dispute resolution (ODR) system for low value, high volume cross-border e-commerce claims. It is a project closely associated with the work of UNCITRAL Working Group III which prepares generic rules for cross-border ODR. It assumes that the generic rules to be finalised by UNCITRAL WG III will provide the necessary common ODR rules used by entities participating in ODR Exchange.

Cross-border ODR of small value claims will only be practical if there is a complementary system enabling the various resolution end-points (e.g. government agencies, buyers and sellers, online dispute resolution service providers, entities involved in enforcing judgments etc.) to exchange information from their separate dispute resolution systems in real time in multiple languages.

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