Creative consultative collaboration

Creative consultative collaboration 19 September 2013

 A revolutionary mediation model to save disputants time and money vs. litigation

It was decided to answer the general statement more precisely that mediation and ADR saves time and money for the participants when compared to courtroom litigation. According to Juripax: “Mediation costs 90% less than litigation costs….for every 14 US dollars invested in ombudsman services, an organisation saves 100$ on conflict management costs.”

The assertions about cost and time savings were too vague and general for my satisfaction. In business, decision makers evaluate sales proposals and initiatives based on the Return on Investment and financial evaluation criteria. A methodology was developed based on a business career in IT sales to determine a precise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model so that disputants would clearly see the advantages of ADR vs. appearing in court with the supervising judge, attendant lawyers, courtroom staff and overhead.