Designers present ideas for the court buildings of the future

Designers present ideas for the court buildings of the future 15 December 2013

Court rulings in a high tower, in a pit, or in the cloud - but if it were up to the three interdisciplinary creative design teams the court of the future has little in common with the courts of today.

Since there is already much change occurring within the judicial processes of the courts themselves, implementation of information technology and the new role for judges, it becomes imperative that the physical structure of court buildings are also adapted and adjusted to meet current legal developments.

HiiL has been working with GRAS, a platform for architecture and city development, on a design manifestation with the aim to give impetus for the court buildings of the future. Three interdisciplinary teams of architects, designers, landscape developers, and interior designers have collaboratively researched with judicial experts to outline the global innovations awaiting courts, and how the said designs can create and facilitate this new manner of functioning

The teams conducted their research at, among other places, the International Criminal Court and the newly built court in Amsterdam, and were able to gain knowledge of experts in the field by attending lectures and discussions. Their designs were presented on 11 December at the Innovating Justice Forum, where 150 justice leaders, law reformers, and judicial specialists from around the world gathered in The Hague to discuss the innovation of law and justice.

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