Changing Italian legal services with innovation

Changing Italian legal services with innovation 14 February 2013

An Italian service has been breaking down the traditional distance between the professional lawyer and the client, opening the first "legal shops" on the high street where customers can walk in for legal advice

A.L. (Assistenza Legale) was founded in March 2007 after the release of the so-called “Bersani decree” which liberalised professions. The service uses a new model that has reformed and shaken-up the former traditional and rather conservative Italian market. It. has three basic characteristics:

  • To allow private customers to easily reach lawyers, by breaking barrier with the public and by replying to all issues a customer might have during a first encounter free of charge in an actual ‘shop’ under a ‘fantasy’ brand, irrespective of whether he/she has an appointment or not.
  • To make sure that any case that comes out of the first encounter, will be handled by the right specialised and experienced lawyer(s) to reduce costs and increase quality at the same time.
  • To make pricing transparent by always telling ahead what the customer will pay for the service in total.

A.L’s first opinion on each case is given free of charge which in many cases has proven to be sufficient to solve the case. Some of those practices introduced are now being enforced by law.

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