Human rights in the supply chain

Human rights in the supply chain 10 January 2013

An innovative idea proposes operationalising human rights due diligence for small and medium sized firms (SMEs)

The core mission will be to supply a framework for the implementation of the access to justice system that is grounded on compliance with in the United National Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, and to target those deliverables to precisely those stakeholders that tend to be seen as having only a passive role in the construction of access-to-justice systems.

The idea involves supplying tool kits designed for students and civil society actors to provide materials for teaching about business and human rights and the application of the Guiding Principles, as well as tool kits for businesses that can be used to effectively engage in human rights due diligence and to provide access to justice.

The objectives are to make this system of access to justice accessible at the point of service delivery (rather than just at the highest institutional levels), to create a sustainable architecture for this system grounded in technical assistance and self-help, reduce barriers to entry of the most vulnerable populations, reduce informational asymmetries that make real access to justice more difficult, and reduce power asymmetries in a way that works for the mutual advantage of all parties.

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