Adam Oxford

"The thing that resonates most strongly for me in all of HiiL's research is that justice entrepreneurs often feel like they're working alone. So many innovative ideas fail because people feel like they're carrying the whole world. Building networks and helping to make connections will create more justice entrepreneurs, doing better work, reaching the whole population, faster."

Adam Oxford is a freelance journalist and Code for Africa Storylab Fellow, who is passionate about the place where technology, civil society and access to justice intersect. Over the last two decades his work has allowed him to visit and meet some of the world's most innovative people, from rural Africa to Silicon Valley, and document the way technology has transformed lives.

2017 is the second Justice Accelerator that he's worked on in Southern Africa, and it's been an incredible privilege to see the program grow rapidly and be recognised as a genuine force for good.


Adam Oxford
Innovating Justice Agent, Southern Africa
+27 (0)74 2394 383