Tim Verheij

"Justice is hard to define. The meaning of justice is variable. But we all know that true justice is what we hope to achieve, every day again. That is why access to justice is vital to society.
HiiL does something truly unique. We are an organization that strives for 150 million people having access to justice by 2030, and we will not stop until everyone does. Innovation is the motor of the car that will bring us to this goal. If we do not innovate, the car stands still, and we will not understand the changing of the time. Look at what works, and at what we need to change."

Tim joined HiiL in 2016. He finished his study International and European Law (LL.B.) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and is currently studying European Law at Maastricht University. Tim was Editor-in-Chief of a law journal, and at the moment he is a columnist for a monthly magazine. He likes to spend his free time on photography, reading, writing, listening to jazz and going on city trips. His obsession is classic cars. Occasionally he enjoys a good whisky and a talk on politics.


Tim Verheij
Justice Sector Advisor
+31 (0) 70 762 0700