Brian Ndyaguma

“In my country Uganda, I have observed citizens express their opinions about what justice is. Some think justice is for the chosen few; others believe, even when it’s their right, they may never get it. But with the dynamic evolution of innovations and technology, I believe access to justice will be a reality for everyone in Uganda. With my experience in mentoring and scaling startups for over 4 years, my contribution to this uphill task with be identifying and supporting the next generation of young minds, partners and experts with enthusiasm to make access to justice a free, fair and efficient service for Ugandans and millions of other people around the world.”

Brian Ndyaguma is a project manager and entrepreneur with over 6 years working experience in business development, innovations scaling, managing innovations and innovation hubs; as well as, curriculum creation for innovators and innovation hubs. As an innovation hub manager, and consultant, Brian has spent the last 4 years nurturing, training and mentoring over 3000 innovators around Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

As an innovation enthusiast with a Business background, Brian has been deeply involved in working with startups, understanding challenges that inhibit great ideas and innovations from taking root and scaling in Uganda. He has worked with the leading Innovation Hubs (i.e. Hive Colab and ResilientAfrica Network (RAN)) in Kampala, mostly as an expert innovator jury member, which has exposed him to various startups/ innovations that are solving health, agriculture, technology, social and engineering challenges; . He has undertaken various trainings to understand the relationships between social behavior, business models, team competencies, funding and the novelty of ideas and their role on successful scaling of startups in Uganda. Brian is currently doing his Master’s research on the contribution of Incubation Programs to Scaling Startups in Uganda. In his work, Brian has a keen sight for talent, curiosity and novelty.

Through his own startup, Kahwa2Go Restaurant and Cafe, he has received the following awards: the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship (TEEP) Award and Grant 2015, CURAD Agribusiness Awards 2014 for the Best Trade Idea, ACIA Award 2014 – Visionary Award (Vuga Wheel - a locally made driving simulation wheel), Young Achievers Award 2012 for the best business content – team member XtraOrdinary Business Magazine.


Brian Ndyaguma
Innovating Justice Agent, Uganda