Martijn Kind

“A well-functioning justice system is part of the foundation of any society. It should protect its citizens without bias, be accessible to all, and create fair and sustainable solutions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. At HiiL we try to improve and innovate the justice systems of the world by listening to the needs of the users of these systems. The justice journeys of these individuals and how to improve them is central to our work.”

From 2010 to 2015, Martijn studied International Development Studies at Wageningen University. During this time he was drawn to development work and creating equal opportunities for all. He specialised in the economics of development and applied statistical research. After graduating Cum Laude in 2015 he started working at Oxfam Novib on a number of different contracts. At Oxfam Novib, he was part of the Impact Measurement and Knowledge team, where the impact of Oxfam Novib’s work in developing countries is evaluated and the generated knowledge is used to improve existing programmes.

At HiiL, Martijn works in the Measuring Justice team as a Justice Sector Advisor. He strives to apply his knowledge of statistics and applied research to help HiiL make better sense of justice journeys, as experienced by people all over the world. Gathering data is the first step to understanding and learning more about any issue; it is a means to an end. Ultimately this will enable HiiL to make evidence based decisions that will improve both the quality and social impact of its work.


Martijn Kind
Justice Sector Advisor