Dr. Rodrigo Nunez

“I have always refused to passively accept that in some countries, the place where someone is born determines her access to - and quality of - justice, education, healthcare, and job perspectives. Just like democracy, the rule of law is not equally distributed between and within countries, and I have the conviction that HiiL has developed the methodologies and procedures to effectively tackle this problem. I am trained to measure latent concepts and to visualize complex issues in a simple way maximizing dissemination of information. I have found in HiiL the perfect match between academic rigorousness and impact that transforms people’s lives around the world.”

Rodrigo Nunez joined the Measuring Justice team at HiiL as a Justice Sector Advisor in February 2017 with an emphasis on quantitative data analysis. Together with the team, they evaluate the state of the rule of law in different countries around the world from a bottom-up perspective based on the Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey. This people-centered approach was one of the main reasons why Rodrigo has aspired for so long to work for HiiL.

Rodrigo is a Chilean political scientist; trained in the US, living and working in Europe. He holds a PhD and an MA in political science from the University of Houston, USA; where he was a Fulbright scholar. He has conducted research in the Balkans in the subfield of comparative politics, particularly about subnational democracy in post-conflict settings and has presented his work in several international conferences.

Before joining HiiL, Rodrigo conducted research on the political economy of the rule of law with colleagues from Houston, and was a research assistant at the Hobby School of Public Affairs in Texas while finishing his dissertation. Previous experience, before moving to the US, include: being Director of Development of the college program in his alma mater, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and different research positions in the Government and independent research institutions in his home country.

Rodrigo’s passions are electoral behavior, traveling, sports, folk music, minimalism, and dogs. He played college rugby in Chile and continues playing soccer every weekend in Rotterdam. He is a classic South American “number 10” -- like Valderrama, Riquelme, or Valdivia -- delivering precise passes to his forwards making him the ultimate team player.


Dr. Rodrigo Nunez
Justice Sector Advisor
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