Ellen Tacoma

"Access to Justice moves me to action. For me it is strongly linked to equality and equal opportunities; the foundation of stable societies. Much of the world has no access to justice because of overwhelming complexity, unrealisable costs or people simply do not know what processes exist. But everyone comes across justice issues in his or her life. At HiiL we create access to justice based on needs from citizens and try to improve, innovate or change current justice journeys. In combination with a smart and pragmatic approach we really create an impact."

Ellen has the rare combination of a serious commercial business background affording her commercial awareness and an understanding of what it means to run a social enterprise with measurable impact.

In her early career she worked in management roles at different communication agencies. She provided strategic branding advice to a number of well known companies in the consumer goods, automotive and insurance sectors. At Ericsson, she was responsible for the mobile phone division and created the foundation for a customer focussed organization at the telecom operator, Telfort.

In 2007 she co-founded the social enterprise, Women on Wings. The goal of this organization is to create 1 million jobs for women in rural India. Today the number of jobs created is 207,000 and there is a small but strong team in India and the Netherlands. Ellen is nowadays Chair of the Women on Wings board in India and member of the board of directors of Rangsutra, another Indian social enterprise. For a long time, Ellen has been intrigued by the mechanisms of fast growing countries. Inspired by her curiosity she took classes at Harvard Business School in ‘Building Businesses in Emerging Markets’.

Besides devoting herself to ensuring the success of social enterprises, Ellen has a preference for running and tango as physical pursuits and enjoys reading in her spare time.


Ellen Tacoma
Director Justice Accelerator
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