Connor Sattely

“Injustice is everywhere. Every country struggles to provide uniform and easily accessible justice to all of its citizens in some regard. In many areas, formal institutions such as courts and government procedures have been slow or ineffective in solving injustice. At the same time, the world is turning digital; so, it falls to innovators and entrepreneurs to formulate and execute the ideas that bring access to justice to millions.

At HiiL, this innovation power is harnessed through enabling and supporting these entrepreneurs. I am beyond proud to be part of a team finding, supporting, and accelerating the world's most exciting and innovative legal and justice initiatives”.

Connor joined HiiL as a Business Acceleration Agent in June 2016. He is part of the Justice Accelerator Team, which supports justice innovations by organizing international challenges designed to seek out innovations that improve access to justice and global justice delivery.

Connor spent most of his early life in the United States, where he eventually graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with high honors in Communication; and Political Science. After working as a journalist in Western Pennsylvania, Connor moved to Switzerland in 2011 to pursue a master's degree in International Affairs at l'Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement. His master's dissertation explored the role social media plays in political communication, and he graduated as the President of the student association at the time.

In 2012, Connor co-founded GovFaces, a Geneva-based startup providing a web platform for effective interaction between politicians and constituents. Serving as the startup's Chief Operations Officer, Connor launched the platform at the European Union from Brussels, the UK from London, and Switzerland from Geneva. After four years in entrepreneurship, Connor developed a love for working with entrepreneurs tackling society's biggest and most difficult issues. At HiiL, Connor focuses on developing startups' business models and community engagement strategies.

Connor is a jazz musician (saxophone) and dances Forro whenever possible. He has a deep passion for bringing people together over food, music, dance, or conversation.


Connor Sattely
Business Development Manager
+31 6 4066 1892